Harriett’s Vintage Windmill Quilt Block

Looking over the windmill quilt that my grandmother made I know that there were likely templates for each of the pieces that make up the 12-inch block and everything was pieced together in sections. My skills—and more importantly, my patience—for working with the “Y” seams she likely used, make it so that I won’t get a quilt made if I did it in the same manner that she did.

I figured out a way that I can make this block using foundation paper piecing. I know a lot of quilters who don’t like to piece in this manner, but I don’t mind foundation paper piecing so I think that’s the approach I will take with this project.

Once I figured out how the block can be constructed, using two different foundation patterns, I decided to play with different placements of the block to see how they would look. The first one shows the blocks laid out side-by-side, which is the way the vintage quilt from my grandmother is done. This layout creates a four-pointed star between the windmill octagons.

The second version shows what it would look like if I put sashing in between the blocks. Each version has its own appeal so we’ll have to see what direction my quilt takes as I get into the piecing part of the process.



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  1. Lori Richardson
    | Reply

    Wonderful! I love looking at quilt blocks and trying to figure out how they were constructed. I’m originally from Iowa and my Great Grandmother was a Wright. Wonder if we’re related.

    • Tony
      | Reply

      Who knows? We could be. I’m originally from Guthrie County which is where my Grandmother’s family is from.

  2. Debbie
    | Reply

    Might this be a pattern to purchase in the future? I love the unique block!

  3. Rebecca Ervin
    | Reply

    Tony I’m curious about your grandmother. Is she the mother of John Wright and Linda Wright of Wright Tree Service?

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