Harriett’s Windmills Vintage Quilt

The other day after visiting my dad I returned home with some vintage quilts that my grandmother had made. One of these quilts really struck me as being unique. (All of her quilts were unique, of course, because they were made from the scraps of her everyday life.) This particular quilt had what I am calling a windmill block that I haven’t seen in other quilts from the era.

As you can see from the photos, this quilt has been well loved over the years. I can vaguely remember the quilt from my childhood. There’s something very familiar about it, but I couldn’t tell you for sure what bed it spent most of its time on.

Some of the pieces look almost new, while others have shredded to a point that you can’t really tell what the print on the fabric was. Many pieces were made from plaid fabrics that I’m sure were left from my mom and aunt’s dresses. Most quilters these days would shy away from using the plaid fabrics because they wouldn’t all match up. But my grandma needed to be frugal with her fabric scraps so she put whatever she had into her quilts. I think this makes for some very striking intersections throughout this quilt.

Some of the fabrics are undoubtedly feed sack or flour sacks. My mom remembers her mother sending her father out to purchase a certain number of sacks of feed so she could make a new dress for one of the girls. It didn’t matter what the print on the feed sack was, as long as all of them were the same print.

Well now I’m intrigued enough with this quilt that I plan to figure out how to make the block and pull together my own version. I’ll keep you up-to-date on my progress.




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  1. Julie Feirer
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    Hi Tony, I’m testing to see if you receive a notification of this comment I’m making on your blog. Thanks,

  2. Robin Wright
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  3. Beth Carmichael
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    Love this quilt! We’re you able to create a pattern for this?

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